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Jenny Obstacle Course Race Training

Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training

Since getting back to the UK I’ve been trying out new things and obstacle course racing is something I’d always wanted to attempt. The basic premise is to complete a course of anything from around 5-30km. The obstacles range from natural ones such as muddy pools, streams and fallen trees to artificial ones such as walls, cargo nets and monkey bars.

Jenny Lord Diver

18th September 2016

18th September 2016 Just under a year ago I sat in disbelief watching the news reports about Metrojet flight 9268 which had come down over the Sinai Peninsula. The weekend before I’d been at the dive show in Birmingham and I was just about to fly over to Florida for DEMA, the biggest dive trade show in the world. I was there for a reason, to talk to various potential sponsors about my upcoming record attempt for the deepest scuba […]

Rainy Day

Things I’m discovering after 6 years away

It doesn’t actually rain all the time. If you haven’t watched British TV/listened to the radio for 6 years, you’ll not understand most pop culture references. The diving is great…