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Learning CCR in Sharm el Sheik

Every Day’s a School Day

My day to day work consists of teaching people either how to dive, or how to increase their diving skills either recreationally or technically. A few weeks ago I got to go back to school myself and went to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt to complete my first few levels of rebreather courses- TDI CCR Helitrox Deco Procedures, or to give it a slightly snappier title, ‘MOD 1’.

Diver Jenny Lord with CCR

Underwater Pogo and Not Breathing Through My Nose

In my last blog I told you about my first ever intro using a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) when I was a newly qualified instructor. Fast forward several years and along comes Lee. Lee has been diving on a CCR (closed circuit rebreather to give them their proper names) for 8 years. He turned up with Scott, the diver I was planning to do Wagners Cave with (more about that in the future), who had just bought a rebreather and […]

Jenny Lord diving with a rebreather.

No Bubbles, No Buoyancy and Doing ‘The Inverted Cockroach’

Many years ago when I was a newly qualified instructor I had the chance to do an ‘intro’ on a rebreather. A rebreather is type of breathing apparatus that recycles the air you breathe out. It essentially takes the exhaled air, removes the carbon dioxide, adds a bit of oxygen and lets you breathe it again, hence the name. They’re great bits of kit and I’d loved the idea of them for years. When I finally got chance to try […]