Things I’m discovering after 6 years away

Rainy Day

Things I’m discovering after 6 years away

The water that comes out of the cold taps is cold….icy cold

It doesn’t actually rain all the time

The diving is great

It’s really really green

The sea is cold

It’s even more green in Spring

It’s beautiful

You can buy anything you want in the supermarkets….including pork!

The cycle paths are in better condition than the roads

The level of consumerism is mind blowing

It can snow in April

Living in the middle of nowhere and trying to get around without a car isn’t easy

Shops close at 5pm

Everything is closed on a bank holidays

There are such things as bank holidays

The cars obey traffic laws and if you pull out in front of them on your bike, they don’t automatically give way to you

You don’t need to get up at 4am to do any exercise…..it won’t get that hot

You can get cider, Crunchies and bacon from most supermarkets

Plastic bags cost 5p

Public transport is quite expensive

Taxis are VERY expensive

There are no goats, sheep or dogs running around on the roads

There are no camels at all

If you haven’t watched British TV/listened to the radio for 6 years, you’ll not understand most pop culture references

A supermarket is an incredibly dangerous place to go unsupervised

Tea isn’t served with 10 tablespoons of sugar and it comes in mugs, not shot glasses

I didn’t bring anywhere near enough layers back with me

I shouldn’t have left my warmest coat in Egypt

It’s really, really, really cold!

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